Python program to find reverse of a number

Hello everyone, welcome back! Here we will learn a simple python logic to reverse a number.

Here we read a number from the user and reverse that number using some arithmetic operations like mod (%) and floor division (//) to find each digit and build the reverse of it.
We can also do this in an efficient way by using slice operations, reversing a number using slice is discussed in the previous post.


You can also watch the video on YouTube here

Program on Github

Reverse a number – Code Visualization

Task :

To reverse a given integer number.

Approach :

  1. Read an input number using input() or raw_input().
  2. Check whether the value entered is integer or not.
  3. Check integer is greater than 0
  4. Initialise a variable named reverse to 0
  5. Find remainder of the input number by using mod (%) operator
  6. Now multiply reverse with 10 and add remainder to it
  7. Floor Divide input number with 10
  8. At some point input number will become 0
  9. Repeat steps 5, 6, 7 until input number is not greater than zero
  10. Print the variable reverse.

Program on Github

Program :

input_num = (input("Enter any Number: "))
reverse = 0
    val = int(input_num)
    while val > 0:
        reminder = val % 10
        reverse = (reverse * 10) + reminder
        val //= 10
    print('Reverse of entered number is : ', reverse)
except ValueError:
    print("That's not a valid number, Try Again !")

Output :

Reverse an integer number -
Reverse an integer number –
Reverse an integer number -
Reverse an integer number –
Reverse an integer number -
Reverse an integer number –

Program on Github

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