Python program to find the largest and smallest number in a list

Hello everybody, this is a Python program which finds out the smallest and largest number in the list.

Here we use 2 predefined functions min() and max() which check for the smallest and largest number in a list respectively.

You can watch the video on YouTube here

Program on Github

Largest and Smallest in a list – Code Visualization

Task :

To find largest and smallest number in a list.

Approach :

  • Read input number asking for length of the list using input() or raw_input().
  • Initialise an empty list lst = [].
  • Read each number using a for loop.
  • In the for loop append each number to the list.
  • Now we use predefined function max() to find the largest element in a list.
  • Similarly we use another predefined function min() to find the smallest element in a list.

Program on Github

Program :

Output :

Smallest and Largest element in list -
Smallest and Largest number in list –

Program on Github

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  1. jaspreet

    print(“how many numbers you want to enter ends”)
    if n>0:
    while ctr”)
    max n=num[o];
    min n=num[0];
    for i in range(len[num]):
    max n=num[i];
    if(num[i]<min n):
    min n=num[i];
    print("the mximum value in the list is",max n)
    print("the minimum value in yhe list is",min n)

    i need thye answer

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