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Diamond Pattern in Python

Diamond Pattern in Python

Hello everybody! Welcome to programminginpython.com, am back with another tutorial. Here I will tell you How to print a diamond pattern in python. In earlier posts, I have shared with you how to print a pyramid pattern and reverse pyramid pattern. In this post, I will combine both to print a Diamond pattern in Python.

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Program on Github

You can also watch the video on YouTube here.


Python Program to print a Diamond Pattern.


  • Read an input integer for asking the range of the diamond using  input()
  • Run 2 for loops, one for printing in a pyramid pattern and other for printing in a reverse pyramid pattern.
  • In each of the loop every line with specific * and ` ` is printed.

Print Diamond Pattern – Code Visualization

Program on Github


__author__ = 'Avinash'

# Print a Diamond

# Range of the diamond
num = int(input("Enter the range: \t "))

# pyramid
for p in range(num):
    print(' '*(num-p-1)+'* '*(p+1))

# reverse pyramid
for rp in range(num-1, 0, -1):
    print(' '*(num-rp)+'* '*rp)


Diamond Pattern in Python
Diamond Pattern in Python

Program on GitHub

That’s it for this tutorial. Feel free to look at other pattern programs here or check out the programs on Algorithms here.


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