Python tuple operations – Add, Remove, Slice, Concat, Reverse

Hello everyone, Welcome back! Here I am going to discuss on python tuple operations. A tuple is a sequence of some objects, which is similar to a list. The main difference between a list and a tuple is We cannot change the values of the tuple, it’s immutable. So operations like append or modify cannot be performed on tuples.

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Python Tuple – Code Visualization

Task :

To perform add, remove, concatenate, reverse and slice operations on a tuple.


  • Define a tupletup = [] with some sample items in it.
  • Find the length of the tuple using len() function.
  • Perform slice operation, slice operation syntax is tup[begin:end]
  • Leaving the begin one empty tup[:m] gives the tuple from 0 to m.
  • Leaving the end one empty tup[n:] gives the tuple from n to end.
  • Giving both begin and end tup[n:m] gives the tuple from n to m.
  • An advanced slice operation with 3 options tup[begin:end:step]
  • Leaving both begin and end empty and giving a step of -1, tup[::-1] it reverses the whole tuple .
  • For deleting the entire tuple, just use del statement, del tup
  • For concatenation, just use tup1 + tup2

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Python Tuple Operations -
Python Tuple Operations –

There are a lot of similarities between list and tuple, A tuple can also be converted into a list. I covered about list operations in another post, please feel free to look at it here.

Program on Github

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