Count vowels in a string – Python Program

Hello everyone, welcome back to! Here in this tutorial am going to tell how you can count vowels in a string when an input string is received you will be able to count the number of vowels present in that string.

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Python program to count the number of each vowel in a given string.


  • Read an input string using input() or raw_input().
  • Declare vowels as a string vowels = 'aeiou'
  • Make the input string case insensitive using casefold() method
  • Create a dictionary with each vowel a key and value 0
  • Loop the string and check for vowels and if found increment the value in the dictionary
  • Print the result(dictionary)



Count vowels in a string -
Count vowels in a string –
Count vowels in a string -
Count vowels in a string –

Count Vowels in a String – Code Visualization

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