Python Program to print pattern of letter C

Hello everyone! Welcome back to, here in this post I am going to show you how to print a pattern of Letter C.

This is a continuation of the letter pattern printing series, in the previous tutorials I have explained the patterns of Letter A and Letter B.

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Python program to print the pattern of letter ‘C’


  • Read an input integer for asking the sizeof the letter using  input()
  • Check if the entered number is greater than 8,
    • if yes, call the function `print_pattern()`
    • else, show a message to enter a number which is greater or equal to 8
  • print_pattern()
    • here we only do two things, print star(*) and print space(` `), just writing conditions so the pattern of *‘s and ` `’s will display the pattern ‘C’
    • following are 3 conditions for printing *’s
      We have 2 loops, outer loop() for rows and inner loop for columns.

          # Outer for loop
          for i in range(n): 
              # Inner for loop 
              for j in range(n + 1): 
        1. the first line of alphabet
          i == 0
        2. last line
          i == n - 1
        3. first column
          j == 0 and (i != 0 and i != n - 1)
    • print ` ` in remaining all cases.


__author__ = 'Avinash'

# Python3 program to print alphabet pattern C

# Function to display alphabet pattern

def print_pattern(n):
    # Outer for loop for number of lines(rows)
    for i in range(n):

        # Inner for loop for logic execution
        for j in range(n + 3):

            # Print 1st line
            if ((i == 0 or

                 # Print last line
                 i == n - 1) and

                    # For more reasonable curve
                    j > 0 or

                    # First column
                    (j == 0 and (i != 0 and i != n - 1))):
                print("*", end="")
                print(" ", end="")

# Size of the letter
num = int(input("Enter the size: \t "))

if num > 7:
    print("Enter a size minimum of 8")


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